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We are located in downtown Albuquerque.

  • Main Phone: (505) 299-9409
  • Attendance Phone: (505) 299-9463
  • Fax: (505) 299-9493
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Our Mission & Principles

Amy Biehl High School was founded in the spirit of Amy Biehl, a young scholar dedicated to social justice and service. We graduate diverse learners and leaders who demonstrate the intellectual, social, and ethical habits to improve their communities. Our graduates are civic-minded, college-bound, and career-ready.

Our goal is to become a model for education reform in New Mexico and in the nation. We seek to achieve this through the successful implementation of the following principles:

  • Every student must complete two college classes at the University of New Mexico (UNM) or Central New Mexico University (CNM) in order to graduate.

  • College coursework must be rooted in a year-long community service project that has relevance to a student’s academics when possible.

  • We follow a traditional grading scale - a 60% will earn credit for ABHS classes

  • ABHS seeks to match the high level of academic rigor expected of all ABHS students with a corresponding level of social and emotional support.

  • We expect our teachers to be pioneers in their field and to hold themselves accountable for preparing students for college. Our teachers are paid competitive salaries and are provided with progressive professional development.

Our Charter Goals

  • Amy Biehl High School students will graduate with at least two (2) dual credit classes with a C or better OR 1 dual credit class and 1 career readiness course with a C or better.

  • Amy Biehl High School students, present at the 40th and 120th days, will complete a yearly service project(s) with a grade of C or better.

Our Culture

Amy Biehl is known as a safe school - this is not by accident. The culture of Amy Biehl is one of acceptance, empathy, and assuming best intentions. Part of this, is our safety language, which are a few important phrases that help build positive and supportive culture.

Amy Biehl is also unique in that it encourages students and staff to develop life-long habits of heart and mind to help us serve our community.

ABHS Habits of Heart and Mind

Our staff

Amy Biehl has incredible teachers and staff who are committed to seeing their students succeed.

ABHS Staff

Our Classes

There are a variety of classes you can take at Amy Biehl, including fun electives like fitness, creative writing, and website design.

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Our History

Learn more about our unique ABHS history.

ABHS History

Our Building

Amy Biehl aquired the 1908 federal post office building located at 123 4th St in 2006. It is enriched with character and personality, and fosters a warm environment for learning and achievement.

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