7 Habits of heart and mind

The Habit of Perspective

The ability to address questions from multiple viewpoints and to use a variety of ways to solve problems.

The Habit of Evidence

The ability to bring together relevant information, to judge the credibility of sources, to find out for oneself.

The Habit of Connection

The ability to look for patterns and ways that things fit together in order to utilize diverse material to form new solutions.

The Habit of Convention

The ability to acknowledge accepted standards in any area in order to be understood and to understand others.

The Habit of Service to the Common Good

The ability to recognize the effects of one’s actions upon others, coupled with the desire to make the community a better place for all.

The Habit of Collaboration

The ability to work effectively with others, accepting and giving appropriate assistance.

The Habit of Ethical Behavior

The ability to understand how personal values influence behavior and to live one’s life according to ethical principles.