October 23, 2023

10th and 11th graders taking the PSAT on Wed, 10/25 (No school for 9th or 12th grade).

As a result of the PSAT on Wednesday, Tuesday 10/24 will be a modified Monday Schedule.

Only 10th and 11th grade students come to school for PSAT test, Wednesday, 10/25.

  • Students need to be at school before 8:30 am
  • Students will receive a sack lunch from the school at the end of testing

Due to the nature of the ‘new’ PSAT, we cannot clearly state when your child will be done as students can move forward at their own pace within the set time limits. Therefore, students will finish at different times. We expect all students will be done before 1 pm and your student will be free to leave as soon as they have completed testing requirements. 

 The PSAT/NMSQT counts as a demonstration of competency for your student to meet graduation requirements. It is important that your student eats a good breakfast and brings their Chromebook (fully charged) and their charger to school. 

 9th and 12th grade students do not come to school.

Modified schedule for Tuesday 10/24/23:

    Modified Monday Schedule 

Bell:            8:25

A Block:     8:30 – 9:35              (65 minutes)

B Block:     9:40- 10:45             (65 minutes)

C Block:     10:50-11:55            (65 minutes)

Lunch: 11:55- 12:35           (40 minutes)

Advisory:    12:40- 1:10             (30 minutes)

D Block:     1:15- 2:20               (65 minutes)

E Block:      2:25- 3:30               (65 minutes)