Spanish classes offered:

Spanish I: Spanish I at Amy Biehl High School is a course designed for students whose home native language is not Spanish. Content is primarily taught using a Communicative Based Approach, meaning, students will be asked to complete meaningful tasks to simulate real-life communication. Basic grammar and vocabulary that aim at the practice of the four language skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking) are introduced. This course also requires students to engage in the analysis of basic Spanish grammar with the objective to understand how Spanish language norms mirror Hispanic culture and society.

Heritage Spanish: The heritage class is offered to students who have a cultural connection to Spanish - meaning that they have been around Spanish because of family, friends, and/or the community. This broad definition of heritage means that our students will join the class having varied levels of proficiency and skills in Spanish (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). The objective of this class is to motivate students to continue growing in their Spanish skills by identifying their motivation for keeping their Spanish alive. A few examples include the ability to communicate with family members and the ability to use Spanish for future job related reasons. Our heritage students are dynamic, and so will their heritage class.

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