Senior Team

Bret Aaker

Director of Community Engagement
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I have been teaching at ABHS since 2004. The best part of teaching at ABHS is the collaboration we do to improve our community- at the school and in our city and state. I make art, climb rocks, cook pho, and read philosophy. I am married to a dedicated educator, and there are four children in my family that I am super proud of.

Maribeth Dvorak

Senior Instructor
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I have taught physical education/health at Amy Biehl Charter High School since 2012 and I have coached volleyball since 2004 at Albuquerque Academy. Teaching and volleyball are my passions. I love spending time with my dogs, family, and friends. When I'm not teaching, you can find me on the volleyball courts around town. My hopes are to instill the same love of learning and volleyball to those I teach and coach.

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