Senior Classes

Senior classes are broken into two main cateroies: passage and senior project class.

Passage stands for “rites of passage." There are four focus areas:

  1. Focus on academic habits, contemporary issues in the world beyond high school and relevant connections to individual experiences.
  2. Career, college and scholarship exploration.
  3. College, Career & Life Skills workshops, Dual Credit and academic supports.
  4. Senior business and graduation preparation.

Senior Project Class: supports the student in completing their individual service learning project. Each senior is expected to complete 100 hours (or more) in a service learning project of their own design. Students complete projects in local schools and a variety of agencies. Each student is held accountable using time sheets and scheduled visits to the student’s project site. In addition to all of this the students are expected to document the experience through a culminating assignment called the digital story (a multimedia presentation in a video format).

Seniors are required to take:

  1. Passage Class/Senior Project
  2. English 12
  3. Pre-calculus (or another 4th year math)
  4. Economics (1 semester)
  5. 2 Dual Credit classes (during the course of their senior year)
  6. Complete 100 hours at their approved Senior Project site.

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