Sandra Mack

Math/Science instructional Leader & Science instructor

I love teaching Earth and Space Science because my mission is to help our society develop a deeper and heathier relationship with the natural world. I spend my free time developing my permaculture garden, cooking great food for my friends and family, camping and hiking, and experimenting with all the new ideas and processes that I am excited about.

Mike Lynam

Science Instructor

I am passionate about teaching, science, and body-building! When I'm not   teaching, you can find me at my computer playing games on Steam, at the gym  lifting weights, or spending time in mountains snow-boarding, camping, or   hiking.

Beverly Marrs

Science Instructor
Staff picture

I bring 20 years of teaching experience and degrees in Civil Engineering and Biology to my classroom at Amy Biehl HS.  My passions inside the classroom revolve around helping students develop a sense of connection to the natural world through an understanding of science.  In particular some of my favorite topics include:  the molecular biology of skin color, the form and function of proteins,  the role of energy transformations across all science domains and the science of climate change.  When I am not in the classroom you can most often find me backpacking around New Mexico and Colorado.

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