ABHS science is striving to align to NGSS standards as much as possible. We focus on not only delivering interesting and relevant content, but we also have students focus on science and engineering skills, and as well as cross-cutting concepts in science. To give an example, our students might show their understanding of an open-ended lab experience by creating an NGSS model, which allows greater and more creative access to assessment. Additionally, cross-cutting concepts like “cause & effect” and “form & function” are hit across many different science disciplines, so students are able to revisit these core ideas from year to year.

Science classes offered:

  • Freshman take Physical Science. This course gives an overview into chemistry and phyiscs, which starts students on a journey of defending claims using evidence. Students will begin designing open-ended chemistry and physics labs, writing CER's, and creating models.

  • Sophomores take Earth and Space science. This class takes students on a journey from atomic to galaxy scale. Students learn about the geology and hydrology of Earth in addition to astronomical phenonmenon. This class culimates in an overnight camping trip where students engage in citizen science. Students gather data on forest-fire ecology in the Valles Caldera in a place-based learning unit.

  • Juniors take Life Science. This class focuses on the role of DNA and how it shapes our world. Juniors will learn the central dogma of biology and how natural selection shapes the biological world. This class culminates in dissections, where students connect the evidence gathered, to what they have learned about about evolution.

Example of how we teach ABHS science:

This neat simulation shows how different sized particles can passively diffuse across different-sized membranes. We love letting students explore with cool interactive simulations like this to help teach abstract concepts

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