John Thomson

Math/Science Instructor

Born & raised in Albuquerque, John has a deep connection to the culture & community here. After graduating with a BA in Philosophy from UNM, he wanted to give back and nurture young minds. Following a brief stint at APS, he discovered the creative freedom of an educational practice, found in a charter school setting. Now in his 5th year at ABHS & his 10th year teaching, John teaches Math & Science classes, helps coordinate our SEL(Social Emotional Learning) Team, and still finds time to practice one of his favorite pastimes, skateboarding, with students during lunch or after school.

Kathleen Loudermilk

Math Instructor

It is an honor and a joy to usher students into rich and meaningful adult lives by helping them think clearly, feel deeply, and act effectively. When I’m not teaching, I love visiting with family and friends, reading, doing yoga, and taking walks.

Jeannie Ryan

Math Instructor

Kevin Tsosie

Math Instructor

Amy Lynn

Math Instructor

I love math and I love teaching!  I hope to teach my students to appreciate and utilize not only the analytic side of their brains but also the artistic and creative side as well.  While I don't expect all my students to love math as much as I do, I hope I can at least share with them an appreciation for it, and whether you love it or hate it: my goal is that you won't be intimidated by it.  When I'm not teaching, you'll most likely find me reading, cooking, dancing, singing, swimming, crafting, sewing, gardening, organizing/cleaning, laughing, spending time with family and/or pets, or - let's be honest - above anything else: I'll probably be sleeping.  I love sleeping.

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