January 7, 2021

Humanities Civics Exhibitions

As a final culminating project for Civics, ABHS 11th graders were asked to delve into a seminal court case to better understand how our justice system is integral to our sustained democracy and how such cases help our nation become a "more perfect union." Students were asked to research a case, develop an informative essay and develop a short video presentation discussing the case and its importance. Not only was this an experiment in better understanding our democracy and judicial system, it was also an experiment in “trying it on” and transforming what our public exhibitions look like as we engage with our important work online and socially distanced.
Staff, senior, and peer evaluators watched and scored student work based on the content, presentation, and impact of these presentations. Needless to say, the Juniors blew it out of the water and created videos that were thoughtful and engaging! Great job to you all!

Here is a selection of student presentations:

Adrian Chavez

Brandon Garcia-Arvizo

Miranda Vargas

Sydney Arnick

Esmeray Powell