ABHS is a unique school, with unique elective course offerings. Our diverse staff come with a variety of skill-sets that are put to use in teaching elective classes. For instance, one of our science teachers is into lifting weights and exercising, so they are able to teach a fitness class at the gym across the street from our school. Additionally, as soon as sophomore year, students with strong academic habits are able to take CNM dual credit classes as electives. High achieving students can earn on average 3-4 college credits before leaving ABHS. Students who really apply themselves can even earn an associates degree if they put in the work!

Elective classes offered:

  • Edgenuity
  • Digital Arts
  • Community Arts
  • CNM dual credit
  • MESA
  • Mock Trial
  • Yearbook
  • Astronomy
  • Fitness
  • Rico Music
  • Improv
  • Poetry
  • Newspaper

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