October 29, 2020

Road to College Micro-Giving Campaign

Dear ABHS Families and Friends,

Today we are launching our Road to College Micro-Giving Campaign! The Road to College is an annual mission-driven fundraiser that supports programs at ABHS like tutoring, service learning, and the Angel Fund, financial assistance for college-related expenses (entrance exam fees, dual-credit textbooks, college application fees, etc.) for students in need. This is another way that ABHS works to ensure student success beyond high school, but we need your help. Please consider giving to the ABHS Foundation through our online giving platform (any amount makes a difference!) and sharing the Road to College Giving Campaign on Facebook (link here) with your friends and family. You may only be able to give $5, but if you ask 10 friends to give $5, it adds up quickly! The Road to College Giving Campaign will run through Nov. 13th. Thank you so much for your support!

Aldis Philipbar

Development Director

Amy Biehl High School Foundation