ABHS SPED Director

Position starting - January 2023

In collaboration with the Dean of Instruction and Dean of Students, the Special Education Director is responsible for and facilitates the structures, processes, and supports which will guarantee that the needs of special education students are being met appropriately. This position is responsible for ensuring that the school is in compliance with state and federal special education regulations. The Special Education Director, in collaboration with stakeholders, envisions and implements the Least Restrictive Environment for our students, whether it is inclusion or specialized learning environments. Depending on student needs, there exists the potential to teach one class or advisory, as well as carry a caseload.

Required Qualifications:

Special Education License and/or Professional License, prior administrative experience, experience with special education program design, implementation, and compliance. Experience with differentiation and delivery of accommodations in a classroom setting are essential. Initiative and follow through are expectations of the position. Experience writing compliant IEPs.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Strong communication skills (public speaking, interpersonal, etc.)
  • Strong collaborative skills and vision
  • Leadership / Program Development experience
  • Strong organizational and documentation skills
  • Classroom and instructional experience
  • Spanish proficiency, Administrative License, Secondary Teaching License

Job Responsibilities:

Special Education Compliance

  • Implement all state and federal compliance components related to special education
  • Disseminate all pertinent Special Ed law components to appropriate staff
  • Track and maintain records for all services delivered to students with IEPs
  • Ensure all aspect of IEPs, delivery of service and documentation are up to date and accurate
  • Facilitate contracts for and monitor all ancillary services
  • Manage paperwork required to maintain compliant documentation for IDEA and state regulations
  • Maintain accurate and current records, and provide all necessary documentation for audits, re-chartering and reporting
  • Schedule IEPs with notification for both parents and students and obtain consent to test and reevaluation history; send all documentation out to parents and students
  • Schedule testing for reevaluations and ensure the evaluators have needed space and documentation and communicate testing schedule to ABHS staff
  • Facilitate and participate in the FBA/BIP process for students with IEPs
  • Write and attend IEPs

Delivery of Service

  • Facilitate access to appropriate learning technology for students
  • Attend transition off campus IEPs for incoming 9th graders
  • Work with outside agencies such as DVR, PED, and other schools, including APS and state charters, regarding special education needs
  • Request files for new students to ensure ABHS has current documentation for student files and creates new student files while archiving students who have left or graduated from ABHS
  • Provide copies of files as requested by other school districts or families
  • Schedule and facilitate school visits of potential parents and students
  • Is available during new student/parent orientation and all open houses to answer special education questions
  • Support the request for accommodations for ACT, SAT or other assessments for post-secondary advancement
  • Administer Alternative Assessments
  • Communicate and coordinate all testing accommodations for students with IEPs
  • Track and communicate graduation status for students with IEPs

Supervision Responsibilities

  • Recruits, hires, supervises and oversees the quality of service of special education staff and ancillary services (EAs, Interpreters, OT, PT, SLP etc…)
  • Create schedules for all students with IEPs
  • Coordinate and oversee all special education programs and responsibilities including Deaf Education
  • Oversee the special education components of Social Work services and documentation
  • Support and monitor all special-ed related responsibilities of teaching faculty
  • Conduct observations of students and staff to collect data regarding students learning and support

Collaboration Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with and advise Student Support team in effectively delivering services and addressing student need
  • Meet with the Executive Director regarding budgeting and compliance related aspects of special education
  • With the Student Support Team to coordinate and organize groups that target at risk students
  • Meet with all ancillary staff to monitor and address service needs of students
  • Facilitate communication between IEP consultants, parents, leadership, and regular education staff
  • Attend Full Staff meetings, trainings, Support Staff meetings, and Lead Team meetings

Program Leadership Responsibilities

  • Develops proposals, programs and grants for the purpose of meeting school goals
  • Provide focus and direction for Special Ed team
  • Facilitate professional development activities related to special education
  • Participate as active member of the school’s leadership body

Please submit to jobs@abhs.k12.nm.us:

Evidence of professional license
At least one letter of recommendation
ABHS Employment Application

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